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The Nevada Broker Management Course Includes:

  • Real Estate Broker Management Guide Textbook
  • Fair Housing Textbook
  • Real Estate Finance Today Textbook
  • Two Case Studies

          $199.00 (you save $125)


About This Course

You will receive 3 textbooks to study for this correspondence course. With each chapter, there will be an online lesson quiz that you will be required to take and pass. Plus you will be required to complete 2 case studies. The final exam for the course will be proctored. Registration price includes a $4.00 fee required by the Nevada Commission on Post Secondary Education.

This course is for individuals who wish to obtain a Nevada real estate broker license. This 45 hour course is a requirement that can not be waived.

This required course will not prepare you for the real estate broker license exam. Taking this correspondence style course is viewed as equal to taking a classroom course. After completing the course, you have fulfilled the broker management education requirement for a Nevada real estate broker license. This course has been fully accredited by the Nevada Real Estate Commission (official course code: PL4551014RE).

Minimum Requirements

Education Requirements

In order to obtain a Nevada real estate broker license, you must meet the following education requirements

If you currently hold a Nevada real estate salesman license, you have fulfilled items #1 and #2 above. Education Waiver: Every 2 year blocks of full time experience with a salesman or broker license waive 16 college units. Items #1 and #3 cannot be waived.

!!! If you are unsure if you meet the broker license requirements call us before enrolling 888-553-1267 !!!

18 hour Nevada Real Estate Law Course $104.00

How the Course Works:

You must read through all the textbook chapters sequentially and complete a series of online quizzes. You can access the online quizzes from any computer located anywhere in the world anytime 24/7. The course is done at your own pace; as quick or slow as you like. Best of all, you can log off the course anytime you want. All previous work you completed is saved for your next session. When you are finished with the course you must take a proctored final exam that mimics the state license exam.

Cost and Enrollment

Know who you are buying from: We are a licensed vocational school with a brick-and-mortar location in Las Vegas. We do not just operate with a web site, PO Box, and phone number that forwards to a call center. We are very knowledgeable in NV real estate licenserequirements/process and have developed our courses specifically for Nevada.

Tuition: $199 (official broker license course; accredited by the NV Real Estate Commission).